The basics....

When you first signed up for your account, and logged in for the first time, you were given the choice of available "Templates" to use to pre-configure your account. These templates are not necessarily intended to be the final setup of your account, but rather, to serve as a starting point for you build your own custom configuration. The available templates are:

Default: A blank template for users who want to configure their account from the ground up. There are no pre-defined Fields other than the General Fields that are included in all accounts (Name, Address, Phone, etc. NOTE: See "Fields" for more information on General Fields versus Custom Fields).

Generic Sales (Simple): Basic elements included, with a few Types, Custom Fields, Forms and Workflows defined.

Generic Sales (Advanced): Expands on the Generic Sales (Simple) Template to include more Types, Custom Fields, plus advanced Workflows including a Follow Up Survey. This template also defines three specific product lines (Opportunities)

Real Estate: Designed with the most common elements used by Real Estate Professionals, and includes advanced Workflows with Service Requests.

If you feel you have chosen the wrong template, and wish to select another, please contact us using one of the channels available on this page. We can change templates for you, or help with minor tweaks. It is a good idea to finalize the initial setup of your account before adding users and introducing the application to your sales team. Major changes are easier at this point than they will be once you start using Open Leads.

There are several core elements you will want to set up before you start using your account that go beyond template selection. These are your Custom Fields, Types, Messages, Workflows and Users. These elements interact with each other throughout the account, so setting them up correctly the first time is of critical importance.