Add your Custom Fields

Every Open Leads account includes what we call General Fields - these are the ones that are common to all contact forms, and are your basic contact information. Included in General Fields are Title (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc), First Name, Middle Name or Initial, Last Name, Company, Job Title, Address, City, State, Zip/Postal Code, Country, Alternate Address, Alternate State, Alternate Zip/Postal Code, Alternate Country, Phone 1, Phone 2, Phone 3, and Email Address. The two addresses are good for shipping vs. mailing address, for example, and the phone fields can be used as Home, Work, Mobile, etc.

Most users need more than these fields, however, so Open Leads allows you to create additional fields, called Custom Fields. These can be used in your forms, and in your lead records.

You may create as many Custom Fields as you need for your purposes, and they appear in your Open Leads account in the order they were added, as a default. However you can rearrange the fields as needed by dragging and dropping them into the order you prefer once you have created them.

To create new Custom Fields, click on you Settings Tab and then on Fields. Click on "Add Field" and then give your new field a name and select from the available data options:

​"Text" - Any combination of letters and numbers up to 200 characters. This data type is also useful for a "Year" field.

"Text Area" - Paragraphs of text

"Number" - Any real number including currency. This option will insert commas in the number (i.e. 1,000,000)

"Date" - A Date. Recognizes our "Smart Date" functions, so it will recognize any date format, but you can also enter "tomorrow" to return tomorrow's date in the field.

"Checkbox" - A checkbox to store "Yes/No" or "True/False" responses. Useful for Newsletter requests, for example.

"Dropdown" - Choosing this option will then allow you to enter a list of responses that can be selected from a dropdown list

"Radio Buttons" - Similar to the "Dropdown" option, but will display the entire list with clickable buttons next to the list for users to select from. Useful for "Yes" and "No" responses

"Label" - free form field that can be used to organize your fields into logical sections - these cannot be added to leads or forms, but can be helpful to organize your Custom Fields. For example - An Auto Dealer could create a label for "Trade-In Info" to group data about the lead's trade-in vehicle under. Then when a user goes to add additional fields to a particular lead record, they will be in a logical, labeled order.