Open Leads forms allow for simple integration of your website or other online lead generation efforts.

Basic integration of Open Leads with your website or lead generation landing pages involves two steps: 1) creating your form(s) in your Open Leads account, and 2) posting them online.

Step 1: Creating Your Form

Click on your “Settings” tab and then on “Forms” - click on “Add New Form” to create a new form or on the name of the form in your Forms List to edit an existing form.

A form is essentially a collection of fields arranged in a specific order. This process will simply allow you to choose the appropriate fields for inclusion on your form, and give you the opportunity to revise their placement, field labels, etc., and then choose what if any actions will be applied to the form once it is submitted.

Once you have chosen to add a new form, you will be asked to give the form a name, i.e. “Website Contact Us Form.” After entering the form name, you will be directed to the form editor. On the left side of the screen you will see the “Form Fields” box, and by default no fields will be included. Click on the “Attach More Fields” link to be shown a list of available fields within your account. Click on any of these available fields to add them to your form. As you click your form you can change the label if you wish. Note: Changing the label does not change the Field Name, but rather the public label of that field when posted.

TIP: IF you do not have the appropriate field already in your account, you can add a new field directly from the Form Edit screen. Click “Add a New Field” from the bottom of the box that displays your available fields.

You may also choose to add descriptive text at this point by clicking on “Add a descriptive Text Field to this Form” within that same box. This is a field where you can put directions for completing the form, or other pertinent field related information to be displayed to your site visitors. Example: “Please select from the following options,” or “Please provide additional comments or suggestions.”

Once you have all of your fields selected, and in the proper order (mouse over field names and use the Drag and Drop feature to rearrange their order), you are then ready to choose any Form Actions that will be applied to the form upon submission.

These options are on the right side of the form edit screen. Of particular interest to most users is the “Redirect to” field and the “Apply Workflow” field.

By Clicking on the “Redirect to” field and entering a URL, you can determine what page your visitor will be taken to upon submission of their information on your form. Most often this is a “Thank you” landing page. Failure to enter a page in this section will result in the visitor being redirected to a default Open Leads page which will confirm their submission. If you do not have a “Thank You” page on your website, and cannot add one, use your home page URL here to keep your visitor on your website.

“Apply Workflow” allows you to choose which, if any of your workflows you want to automatically apply when the form is submitted. This process allows you to trigger an autoresponder email, assign a Type, User, and/or schedule followup automatically.

Other options in this section allow you to change the name of the form, add some description, choose Lead Tracking, etc.

When you have completed creating your form, you are ready to post it on your website.

Step 2: Integrating Your Form

Open Leads provides three means of implementation of our online forms:

Hosted: Each form has a public URL. Simply update your website navigation to point to this hosted form. Advanced users can add a Style to this form using HTML headers and footers to change the appearance from the Open Leads default colors, to mimic the design of the website it is used on.

iFrame: Open Leads generates an snippet of code that you simply copy and paste onto your page. This process is similar to posting a video online. There are advantages and disadvantages to this option.

The advantage of using this process, as with the Hosted Form, is that any changes you make to the form in your Open Leads account are posted and updated immediately on your website. This allows you the option of making changes without involving your website designer.