By default, the first user created when an new Open Leads account is created is designated the Account Owner, and has access to the bIlling section under Settings. Here is where you manage your subscription settings, credit card info, etc.

This user is also the first Account Administrator. o Account Administrators have a special set of permissions which allow them to control the access and setup for the entire account. These permissions include adding and deleting Users, updating User passwords, assigning User access and permissions, managing Custom Fields, Types, and Workflows.

More than one user can be designated an Administrator, should the Account Owner or another Administrator deem that necessary. One of the permissions in the User settings is called "Administrator" and this can be checked and unchecked as needed to assign that role.

Users should consult an Account Administrator first, if they have any problems with their account logins, or need to additional permissions, as the Administrator can create a new password, or give additional access to features.