Types are commonly assigned to a lead to help describe what type of lead it is as well as where it originated from (i.e. Trade Show Lead, Website Lead). Types are also commonly used to indicate the interest level of a potential client (i.e Hot Prospect). You may create as many Types as you need and you have the ability to add,edit,or remove them at any time however you see fit. One or multiple types can be added to each lead in your account. Types may be added or removed manually or automatically via a workflow. Types can also be used as a search filter to sort and manage your lead list.

Account Administrators and users granted specific permissions related to Types are allowed to add Types to their account. To create a new Type, click on the Settings tab, then click the icon titled "Types." Next Click on "Add Type." Enter a name for the new Type you wish to create and then choose a color to uniquely identify it.