The Dashboard from Open Leads on Vimeo.

The first screen you see when you log into Open Leads is the Dashboard. The Dashboard is a snapshot of your account, showing recent unread Leads and graphical representations of account activity. Additionally, you will see a graphical calendar which enables you to quickly view your daily schedule. Dates with numbers indicate days with scheduled tasks. Click on a day to open your Task List on your Tasks Tab for that date.


Account Message - Administrators have the option of creating and publishing a system-wide Account Message for all users on their account. This can be used for announcing a meeting reminder or distributing companywide memos.This space could also be used to publish your corporate Mission Statement or even a "Quote of the Day."

Leads - Each user has an instant view of their recent Leads. Clicking on any of these leads from the dashboard will open the Lead Detail screen for that lead, eliminating the need to search for that lead from the Lead List.

Users can further customize their Lead View on the dashboard based on the Views that they have created for their account. Switching between available Views is easily accomplished using the dropdown list just above the leads.


Calendar - The Calendar allows users to quickly monitor their scheduled Tasks for the current day, past days, or days in the future.

Days with scheduled Tasks have a black box in the center with a count of the number of Tasks scheduled for completion on that day. Clicking on any date updates takes you to the Tasks Tab for that days Tasks or "To-Do List."


Graphs - This feature allows for a snapshot of account activity. The dashboard contains two graph sections for both regular users and Account Administrators.


Users may choose from total Leads, Leads by User, Leads By Source and Leads by Type, and then display that data in a Day View, Week View, Month View or Year View.