Open Leads is a very powerful lead management application, but it has more to offer - including the ability to create very powerful mass email campaigns. Mass email can be used to create "drip" marketing campaigns, or newsletters.

Critical to any sales endeavor is the frequency of contact with your prospects, and balancing that with the quality of the content in order to keep the prospect engaged.

Open Leads has a really neat feature to help you achieve your contact goals, and the ability to create scheduled email campaings, or "drip" emails. The key is to create a series of emails in your Message Library, then set up a Workflow to send these to a lead over a set period of time.

An example would be a "Newsletter" or "Helpful Hints" series of emails dealing with topics your prospects often ask your sales reps about, whether it be maintaining a product you sell, or suggestions for making the most of your products or services. Create short, well-crafted emails, each with a key point. Then create a Workflow that sends these out in 30- or 60-day intervals over a period of time. Then as you have a prospect that you want to keep engaged, apply this Workflow to that lead, and the emails will go out automatically.