Clicking on any lead in the lead list opens the Lead Detail. The Lead Detail screen provides an expanded view of all the data contained in the lead record. From this screen, you may edit any element of the Lead data by clicking the applicable section.

Fields - Both General Fields (basic contact information) or Custom Fields (which contain data specific to your Open Leads account. These are located on the left hand side of the screen and can be edited by any user assiged to the lead. Just place your mouse over the field you wish to edit and click to open the editor.

Lead Status/Pipeline

Types - Types are merely labels to help you better identify and sort different types of leads. To edit the Type assigned to a lead, click in the Types section on the right of the screen and check and uncheck the boxes to the appropriate Type or Types for a lead.

Users - This section a identifies the User or Users assigned to the current lead.

Grouped Leads - This section identifies whether a lead is grouped with any other leads in your account.

Tasks - Active Tasks attached to the current lead. You may complete, delete or edit these tasks from this section. Checking the green checkmark icon completes the Task, clicking the red minus sign icon deletes it. To edit the date or assignment of the Task, click on the name of the Task.

History - This is the "audit trail" for the current lead. It includes any comments made on the lead, any email sent to the lead, plus tracks date and time of completion of tasks, and shows any file attachments.

Comments - Date and time stamped by user, comments are your notes regarding contact with the current lead.

Email - see the date and time, as well as the content, of any email sent to the lead whether it was a mass email, or a one-time email, or form autoresponder. Click on the subject line (which is shown as a hyperlink) to see the details.

Attachments - any file that you have attached to the current lead are accessed here. These can be photos, documents, etc.

Audits - see events that happend along the way - such as the application of a Workflow, etc.