This feature provides users the ability to track the progress you've made in the sales process with that lead. Keep in mind that you must either be an account administrator or assigned to the lead in order to make changes to any sales pipeline component. This feature is broken up into four components:

Status- Highlight the row marked Status with your mouse. Click over this area to display a drop down list. From here you will assign this lead a predefined status (hot, cold, closed won). As you proceed through the sales process you can update this status following the same procedure.

Opportunity- An opportunity is one of the product lines/services that you are selling to your prospects. You may define up to 10 product lines/services. Note that Opportunities must first be created by choosing the Opportunities icon (located off the settings tab). To apply an opportunity click on the row and select the appropriate opportunity from the drop down menu that results.

Opportunity Stage- Once you have created and applied the appropriate opportunity to your lead you have the ability to specify which stage of the sales process the lead is in. Like opportunities, opportunity stages must be defined by choosing the Opportunities icon. When each opportunity is setup you have the option of defining the stages for it. These stages are based on percentages of completion. Select the appropriate opportunity stage by clicking on that row and choosing from the resulting drop down menu.

Value- This row allows you to define how much money a closed sale with that particular lead will be worth. For example lets say you are trying to sell someone a $99 dollar a month membership. If thats the case click over this row to display the text entry box. Enter 99 and choose the type reoccuring. If this sale offers only a one time amount simply choose one-time.

Configuration of the Opportunities and Opportunity Stages available in your account is done by your Account Administrator on the Settings Tab.