Each form in Open Leads has the ability to add several features, including "Lead Following"

The lead following option is useful when you are using Open Lead forms for items such as work orders or service tickets, or other purposes in which it is desirable to keep the person who contacted you up to date on progress.

The process is as follows. When this option is enabled in a form, upon submission of the form to Open Leads, the person whom submitted can be sent an autoresponder email [your auto responder email message for the form workflow should include the [Following] token that will generate a link in the message body] that opens a "following" information page.

The Following Page displays specific information about the user assigned, and as in the example below, public comments the user has made relative to the lead:

Open Leads users can also view what is contained on this landing page because Leads with following enabled have an additional following link -

Further, users can elect to make comments public or private (private comments only show up within Open Leads, and are not shown to the person who submitted the lead).