​If you desire to apply a mass feature (i.e adding a task to multiple leads at once, sending a mass email, assigning a user) to several of the leads from your leads list it may be helpful to use the checkboxes located at the far right of the lead list screen. Keep in mind that using the checkboxes requires that you only be viewing one results screen at a time. Each results screen from your lead list contains 20 leads.


If you wish to apply a feature to all 20 leads at once simply select the uppermost checkbox located at the far right of the leads list column. Checking this box will instantly select all 20 leads. If you wish to select only a handful of your leads you must manually check the corresponding boxes located at the far right of the leads list.


TO APPLY TO YOUR ENTIRE VIEW/LIST - simply do not check any of the boxes. By default the entire view is selected


Once you have made the appropriate selection access the drop down menu located directly above the column named "Type". From the drop down list select the appropriate mass feature. Note that if you are not an account administrator you will only see the features that have been granted to you by your administrator. To request a certain feature please consult your administrator